5 Things to Enjoy With Your Coffee

September 11, 2017

5 Things to Enjoy With Your Coffee

We all love our coffee just the way it is. It is definitely a drink that can stand on its own two feet. But for all of you who want to experiment a bit, this is your guide to what can go best with your cuppa coffee!


Short Bread & Black coffee

A large section of coffee lovers like to have it without any milk or sugar. It is no doubt a great way to start your day. Sipping on black bitter coffee first thing in the morning surely kick-starts your day. Short bread is sweet, buttery, and is firm enough to crunch on or just melt in your mouth. It’s a biscuit that lets you set off the bitter coffee and also gives you the energy to start the day with some extra energy. Try it sometime!

Dark Chocolate Days

Yes, chocolate! And not just any chocolate, dark chocolate goes best with coffee. Add a few pieces of dark chocolate while brewing your coffee with our reusable Nespresso pods and see the magic. The smoothness of the chocolate along with the chocolate is like a match made in heaven! This also doubles as a nice dessert post lunch.

Add Some Bourbon

This is probably great for a dinner party with friends who enjoy coffee just as much as you do. It could also work when you’re home late from work and just want to relax a bit and sleep a little better. Alcohol doesn’t solve things but it sure compliments the richness of coffee.

Oreo Ice cube it

For those of you who like their coffee cold can consider this option. Crush the Oreo cookies into the ice cube tray. Fill it with milk and voila! Freeze and wait for a dozen of Oreo ice cubes that you can put into your cup of ice-cold latte. The small pieces of Oreo cookies will come as a pleasant surprise when you sip on your coffee.

A big scoop of ice cream

This is probably one of the best ways to enjoy your coffee. If you think ice cream doesn’t go well with hot coffee, think again. A scoop of ice cream with your coffee is a great way to surprise your taste buds. If you want to make things better you could blend your coffee with some ice cream to make the best coffee shake ever!


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