Bio-Degradable Packaging

September 03, 2017

Bio-Degradable Packaging

Why choose more expensive less attractive bio-degradable packaging?

We decided it was an important issue, packaging and the waste it creates on this planet we call home. Everything we buy comes in some form of packaging, we are obsessed with the convenience and feeling of opening something, it's like a wrapped present. Imagine you receive a gift that is not in a gift bag or wrapped, there would be no excitement or surprise associated with it.

After some thought, we decided most people would not be happy when receiving their purchased item unpackaged. The next best thing would be Biodegradable packaging, it provides the best of both worlds, the surprise factor and it is degradable. It was a clear choice, biodegradable bags were the answer!

Biodegradable packaging is made out of renewable plant material and it will return to its original form in a composting environment. @ Pod Express we now package all of our Reusable Nespresso Pods, Reusable Dolce Gusto Pods, Organic Tea, Organic Coffee and tea infusers in Biodegradable bags.

As most packaging is made out of plastic we decided that it was our responsibility to steer away from what is commonly done and do our part in saving our beautiful environment. Most plastic packing ends up in landfills and the rest ends up polluting our lands and seas. The most devastating part is that animals both land and sea bound can confuse plastic as food and either consume it or get entangled, inevitably ending in the worst possible way.

Help us help the environment one cup at a time!

P.S. Keep recycling all your waste

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