Getting Your Caffeine Fix Doesn’t Have to Harm the Environment.

February 18, 2018

Getting Your Caffeine Fix Doesn’t Have to Harm the Environment.

Getting Your Caffeine Fix Doesn’t Have to Harm the Environment.

The coffee culture in South Africa is fast developing. Pod Express has noticed that over the last decade, the palate of the South African coffee-lover has grown to love quality, speciality coffee. Many of us are slowly pulling away from the infamous instant blend and are gravitating towards freshly brewed coffee. As a result, the use of coffee pods in the country has grown thanks to the likes of Nespresso and Dulce Gusto Coffee Machines.

Freshly brewed coffee is love personified, but it does come with its share of cons. The main one being the use of disposable coffee pods. It is reported that over 3 million coffee pods are disposed of daily in Australia. Anything disposable is convenient, which would explain why disposable coffee pods remain the popular choice amongst millions of people all over the word.

Most disposable pods are made up of plastic. Plastic is non-biodegradable. It takes over 500 years to breakdown, and when it finally does break down, it absorbs and releases toxins into the environment. Therefore, people should avoid disposing of pods and should rather invest in either plastic or stainless-steel reusable coffee pods.

The likes of the Nespresso reusable capsules and reusable Dolce Gusto Pods continue to gain popularity due to their eco-conscious qualities. People’s love for the earth has spilled into their love for coffee, and Pod Express is proud to be a part of the coffee revolution.

We offer only reusable/ refillable pods such as the reusable Nespresso pods. Of all the disposable coffee pods used worldwide, only 5% of them get recycled. We realised that the only way to contribute to sustaining our environment is by selling you coffee pods that can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need to dispose of them daily and further reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Stainless Steel Pod for Nespresso is the perfect Valentine’s gift for that person suffering from “Pod Guilt”. Stainless steel is a durable material, so the pod should last forever whilst still maintaining your coffee obsession. And for your tea lover, stainless steel tea strainers for anyone who prefers to make their own tea.
This Valentine’s, we remind you to not only spread the love to all your loved ones, but to the earth too. And as a coffee-lover, what better way to start than with a reusable coffee pod.