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The Pod Express team have developed this grind especially for our reusable pods. We call this "The Pod grind".


One of the best espresso blends on the market today. Full-bodied, presenting hints of fruit and nuts, with a smooth dark chocolate finish. A beautiful creamy crema. 
Packaged in a 100 g bag.

Everything you’ll need for espresso-based drinks. 

Type of roast:


Origin & blend:

Our Signature Series espresso is a beautifully balanced blend of carefully selected beans originating from Central, South America and Africa

Best served:

We spend hours trying various grind sizes, to find the perfect grind vs standard exposure time on Nespresso®*/Dulce Gusto®* type machines. We call this the Pod grind, Also suitable for espresso machines and moka/stovetop pots.

* Third party Brand with no link to Pod Express 

Tasting notes:

Full-bodied, presenting hints of fruit and nuts, with a smooth, dark chocolate finish

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