Refillable Nespresso pods and Coffee Synergy

Choose your Synergy 

Each synergy consists of Reusable Plastic pod/s compatible with Nespresso®* and Caffeluxe* type machines and a 100 g bag of Pod Express Coffee of your choice. 


1. Single or triple Pod for Nespresso®*?

Do you need 1 or 3 pods for your Nespresso or caffeluxe machines?

Use your favorite freshly ground coffee to refill your capsule multiple times. Saving you money and the environment! Pods are now also packaged in bio degradable packaging.
Simply fill, compress, seal and your pod is ready to use. Our pods are BPA FREE and reusable up to 200 times

Package Contents:


  • 1 x Reusable Plastic pod with flip-lid for Nespresso®* type machines.


  • 3 x Reusable Plastic pod with flip-lid for Nespresso®* type machines.

2. Which Pod Express Coffee?

The Pod Express team have developed this grind, especially for our reusable pods. We call this "The Pod grind".
Currently, we have two coffee variants to choose from:

  • ESPRESSO - Full-bodied, with presenting hints of fruit and nuts, with a smooth dark chocolate finish. A beautiful creamy crema.
    Medium Roast.

  • SINGLE ORIGIN ORGANIC - A well-balanced, single origin, 100% Arabica organically grown coffee, originating from the high mountain ranges of Central America.
    Good body, medium acidity, with notes of caramel, caramel & more caramel. An absolute prerequisite for the discerning coffee lover with an eye on organic living.
    Medium – Dark Roast.


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